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Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups

Self regulation and social interaction skills are great predictors of a child’s success in school.

The Luma Center offers social skills groups for children 3 to 12 years old. Group goals vary by age and need but may include:

  • Improving awareness of self and others
  • Using appropriate language skills to communicate
  • Increasing social participation in a group activity
  • Initiating and improving conversations

At The Luma Center we understand that children can have social challenges for a variety of reasons, so we screen all new students to determine what area of social functioning a student is having difficulty with. We feel it is very important to identify the underlying challenge. Our process helps us target the specific skill that is interfering with social interactions through a social skills group planned to support that development. All children new to The Luma Center undergo a screening process to ensure a good fit. All of our social skills groups are led by experienced occupational therapists and/or speech and language pathologists.


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Social Skills Groups by Ages

Ages Group Dates
Ages 3-4 years Playstars Sept-June*
M/W 12:30-2:30
 Ages 4-6 years Super K’s Sept-June*
M/W 12:30-2:30
Ages 4-6 years Sensory Motor Play and Learn Group February-March 2014
Thursdays, 4:00pm-6:00pm
Ages 6-8 years Speech and Language Social Skills Sept-June
Thursdays 4:15pm-5:30pm
Ages 10-12 years Occupational Therapy Girl’s Create-It Club Sept-June
Wednesdays, 4:15pm-5:30pm
Ages 10-14 years Speech and Language Social Skills Sept-June
Thursdays, 4:00pm-5:15pm

*Additional 4 week summer program (July 8-August 2, 2013)


Super K’s
Super K’s is a M/W afternoon group for children who attend morning pre-k/kindergarten and need extra support in the areas of language, motor, sensory and social skills. Guided play and activity based projects will facilitate readiness and skill development for a successful kindergarten year. Families will be invited to participate in learning opportunities with their children. This is an integrated program weekly group speech and occupational therapy services provided. A learning profile will be developed for each child.


Playstars is a M/W afternoon group for children who need further development of language, play and social interaction skills. The small groups provide each child with individual attention and opportunities to develop and practice skills needed in order to be successful in a larger preschool program. This program may supplement your child’s existing program.

Sensory Motor Play and Learn Group

Some children are affected by touch, movement, sights, sounds and smells that may interfere with eating, dressing, playing and learning. Activities are based around helping participants integrate information coming through the senses allowing them the opportunity to engage and participate successfully in the world around them.

Speech and Language Explorers

Speech and Language Explorers is a specialized, speech and language intensive program that provides support to children with speech difficulties. Taught by a speech language-pathologist, this morning program provides intensive practice of speech targets provided through a variety of motivating and functional small group activities as well as through targeted daily individual speech therapy sessions. This program is supported by an occupational therapist and offers education and training for family members to facilitate carryover of skills.

Create-It Girls Club

Create-It Girls Club is a group experience for girls 8-12 years old to practice planning and organization skills while having fun. This club is run by an occupational therapist skilled in teaching self regulation, organization/planning, and social participation through fun cooking and craft activities.